Material technology in the world of construction never stops to grow, including in Indonesia. We, PT. Bitutek, are ready to take part in promoting the construction world in Indonesia and Asia, under the name of CTI brands, which stands for “Construction Toward Innovation.”

Established in Januari 2012, we are the pioneers in asphalt roof manufacturer in Indonesia under the name of PT. Bitutek. With the aim of developing the company towards a better direction, we decide to collaborate with CT Korea since March 31st, 2014.

CT Korea is well known as one of the leading companies that distribute building materials in Korea. They are known through their products, specifically asphalt tiles from SpecificTeed USA, clay tiles from Terreal France, clay bricks from Austral Bricks, Stucco from Parex USA and insulation from Saint-Gobain Korea.

We believe that the synergy between CTI manufacturing and  Korea’s CTK distribution network can make a major contribution to building materials industry, both local and international. As a pioneer of asphalt shingle manufacturer in Indonesia, we have many advantages that you shall consider,

  • Our very own  factory produce only from high quality material and able to produce custom granule color as per your demand. *terms and conditions apply
  • We produce approximately 5000sqm asphalt shingle per day and deliver it directly to the user. We are way faster than any distributor do.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Lighter than conventional roof (ex. Clay, ceramics, concrete roof) yet reliable during heavy rain, strong wind, even the unexpected earthquake.
  • Easy to install.
  • 20 years product warranty since application date.

We have an integrated agent system all around Indonesia. Through the system, we could reach any type and specific project locations with years of delivery experience between agents and cargo around the island..We recommend you to order directly through website or our official agent to avoid any fraud on behalf of company’s name. If you find something suspicious; in the method of communication, bank account, e-mail address, etc, please  confirm to our marketing office.

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